Dan Preda

  • Dan Preda

Dan Preda
RRA Director, Editorial Policy & Standards

Dan Preda joined Radio Romania în 1990 and became Director of Radio Romania Actualități (RRA) in 2014. Prior to that, he had been member of the Steering Committee of the Romanian Radio Broadcasting Corporation (Radio Romania) and member of the Board of Directors of the Public Radio, as appointed by the Romanian Parliament.
Head of the Political Editorial News (Today’s News Editorial) during 2003-2004, Editor-in-Chief of RADOR Press Agency from 2002 to 2005, coordinator of the Radio Romania Network of Correspondents abroad, he designed the first organization and functioning of this Network and successfully re-organized the functioning of RADOR Press Agency, turning it into a much more effective news-transmitter and press monitor.
Dan succeeded to diversify and improve the news-flows, initiated new editorial programs that reached top audience among radio listeners. The most important Radio Romania channel, the news one – Radio Romania Actualități (RRA), currently managed by him, ranks 1st now in the preferences of the Romanians, market leader with about 2,000 00 daily listeners.
Accredited press correspondent to the Romanian Senate (from 1992 on) but also to the Council of Europe in Strasbourg (starting from 1993) – where he has regularly attended every Parliamentary Assembly session for more than 10 years and has transmitted live from the Council’s summits, and the Western European Union (WEU), from 1994 on, his transmissions have greatly contributed to the perception of the Public Radio as the most credible and serious media institution in Romania.
Dan became a Radio Romania Reporter in 1990, the year he graduated faculty and in 1991 he was sent as war correspondent when the first Gulf War broke out, at the very moment when the Allied forces launched aerial attacks. His time as a Press Correspondent from the Middle East brought excellent opportunities to improve his journalistic skills that couldn’t have ever occurred inside the comfort of the newsroom.