Fayyaz Sheheryar

  • Fayyaz Sheheryar

Fayyaz Sheheryar
(Indian Broadcasting Service)
Director General
All India Radio

An officer of ‘Indian Broadcasting (Programme) Service’ having served people of India in diverse ethno-linguistic zones through Akashvani and Doordarshan since 1981 in different consequential capacities that call for a fertile brain, agile mind and, above all, creative skills and yearnings.

A dyed-in-the-wool professional, he conceived, designed and produced innumerable programmes in varied genres for disparate regions of the country, both at the regional level and the national level and won plaudits as well as prizes. His creative work was often acclaimed as an apotheosis of excellence and won him national and international acclaim, both from the State and the NGOs. He used changing technology in the dissemination of message right from phone-in-programming to live streaming, analog to digital, studio to field and field to skies, using tools and software for optimum use like smoke, flame and pixel graphics much ahead of his peers in other parts of South Asia. The Officer, with his penchant for perfection and pursuit of excellence, did successful experiments with ideas and genres, devised ways and the modus operandi of presentation endemic to his style and exclusive skills resulting in programmes that adorned shelves of repositories of software.

He strived to create a blend of hedonism, altruism & revenue generation. An experiment that made him think on dimensions of broadcasting endemic to the social realities of the third world.