Katrin Pötzsch

  • Katrin Pötzsch

Katrin Pötzsch

Katrin Pötzsch, born in 1968 in Munich (Germany), studied politics, economics and market and advertising psychology in Cologne and Munich. After her studies she worked as a freelancer political-journalist for various german tv-channels, ZDF; ARD, RTL, PRO7, SAT1.

1994/1995 she became a freelancer at Bayerischer Rundfunk (Bavarian Broadcasting) in Munich. She worked for ten years as an investigative journalist for the political magazine “report munich”, ARD.

In 2006 she changed to the new crossmedia youth channel at Bayerischer Rundfunk, named on3 – later PULS, as a responsible editor. For this channel she developed various new crossmedia formats for a young target group and headed several teams.

She also worked as a trainer for new media and she supervised the final tv-dissertation work of the prestigious school for journalism in Munich.

Since January 2017 she works as a consultant for the director for information and current affaires.