Noémie Dansereau-Lavoie

  • Noémie Dansereau-Lavoie

Noémie Dansereau-Lavoie

Noémie Dansereau-Lavoie is a Canadian media consultant. Passionate about the world of culture and communications, and particularly public broadcasting, she guides senior management teams in identifying issues, and articulating visions and strategies to support organizations in their development.

Amongst her professional endeavors, she accounts for 10 years at the CBC/Radio-Canada working as Strategic Planning Manager and previously, as Radio Development Manager. During those years, she has had the opportunity to build an extensive international network.

She currently works with various public media services, such as Les Médias Francophones Publics (which brings together 10 public media organizations from France, Switzerland, Belgium and Canada), dividing her time between Canada and Europe.

Noémie’s unwavering interest for the notion public value, and particularly for the role of public service media in our changing landscape, has been the thread in her successful career. Her areas of specialization include public policy, advocacy and strategic planning.

Noémie holds a Master’s Degree in Communication from Université du Québec à Montréal. She speaks French, English and Spanish.