Toshiyuki Sato

  • Toshiyuki Sato

Toshiyuki Sato, Secretary General PBI, NHK International Inc. Japan

Toshiyuki Sato is Secretary-General for Public Broadcasters International (PBI) which is an association of top level management executives of the major public broadcasters in the world and Special Controller, NHK International Inc.
He was with NHK (Japan Broadcasting Corporation) over 40 years as career journalist and was posted in Bangkok, Manila, Seoul, Washington and Kuala Lumpur as correspondent and bureau chief.
He was Chief-editor of International News (99-03) and D-G of NHK World (03-8). Mr. Sato chaired ABU News Group (93-03).
He is been involved with ABU and PBI activities while sent regularly to public broadcasters in developing countries for capacity building; Myanmar, Maldives, Egypt, South Sudan, are some of them. He lectured at National Graduate Institute for Policy Studies in Tokyo (Media Training) and at NHK Culture Center (International Affairs) in Tokyo.